The developers Guild

It all started 2017-07-01 as an experiment- If successful we will have something really awesome in the future.

The aim is to have a community site that is being run and funded by itís members. Not by ads and other evil things. A clean nice well-behaved social gathering of like-minded people.
The goal is to have an community where we can do the following things, but not limited:

The quest part - the important part

Quest is a public request that anyone can partake in. It does not matter if you are a current member or not, you can complete a quest even if you are not a member. But to claim the reward for the quest you might need to be an existing member or create a membership. The normal reward for a quest should be the Developers Guild Currency. Of course other rewards can be available as well. As well as creating quests without any reward.
The intent of quests is to have an environment for people to help each other out and still get rewarded.

Any member can create a quest. There should be restrictions around quests such as but not limited to; maximum participants, maximum days a quest is available, a deposition of DGC for the quest creation if DGC is a reward. < br>

The currency part - the next important part

The Developers Guild Currency shall be an internal currency. Itís unlimited in the quantity but the currency can only be created in two ways.
The community creates a quest that is beneficial for the community and they can reward DGC to a maximum value of 100 DGC per quest.
A member can pay real money to get DGC.
Why pay money? Well as the community grows we need to have hardware to run the site on. Right now itís money coming out of the initial creators own pocket.

There should be no way to transfer a GDC to real money. Other than that anyone can use GDC in any way as long as itís related to The Developers Guild

Our intent is as well to create a market where we sell produced goods that you can buy with the GDC.

The initial quests

These quests are the first in a line of quests that needs to be done to even get this project started. If you want to discuss things about the quest then send an email at quest [at]
You will then get an invite to slack as a first communication channel.